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Prepare to Meet the Demand for Healthcare Business Professionals

As our country’s population ages, healthcare services will change to meet the unique needs of older citizens. According to a report by the United Nations, between 2015 and 2030, the number of individuals who are over 60 years of age will increase by 56%, which increases the need for long-term and eldercare.

Along with more providers and facilities, the need for healthcare managers will also grow. The growth in healthcare manager jobs is projected to be about 20% during the decade that ends in 2026, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

To effectively manage the facilities that serve patients of all ages, healthcare managers must understand how to manage the financial, facility and staff aspects of a clinic or hospital. This requires specialized coursework.

LeTourneau University’s School of Business offers three healthcare management degree programs that focus on the skills needed to manage different aspects of a healthcare facility, including people and resource management.

As with all LeTourneau University degree programs, the foundations of Christian faith are integrated into business courses, preparing graduates with a combination of in-demand business skills, ethical values and a service-oriented perspective, which is attractive to future employers.

If you’re already working in the business of healthcare and want to take on bigger responsibilities, or you aim to get started in this growing field, LeTourneau has an online degree program that can help you achieve your goals. The courses feature the latest information, offer hands-on learning while providing student support that’s an unbeatable package that’s designed for your success.

Learn more about how LeTourneau’s online healthcare management courses can position you for long-term success by speaking with an adviser at 866.755.7419 or email enroll@letu.edu.









Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management (B.S.)

This degree is for professionals who want to manage the business side of health care. LeTourneau’s Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management provides foundational business and healthcare knowledge that helps graduates take their place in the world of healthcare administration.

The core coursework aligns with today’s healthcare environment to meet current issues while offering foundational knowledge in key business skills, such as communication, finance, human resources and more. Also, healthcare courses provide perspective into the treatment environment, so graduates will fit into a working medical setting.

In the B.S. in Healthcare Management program, you’ll learn to:

  • Apply leadership skills while working in treatment facilities
  • Manage effectively in the changing healthcare field
  • Utilize data and technology to make smart decisions
  • Integrate quality management practices that help improve patient outcomes
  • Communicate effectively to staff and patients in different healthcare environments

Complete your degree in approximately four years as you take one 5-week course at a time, which allows you to balance your education with career, family allowing you to preserve your quality of life.

  • ACCT 2103 – Principles of Financial Accounting 
  • HCIT 4343 – Health Information Systems 
  • HCMG 3013 – Health Care Leadership 
  • HCMG 3023 – Health Care Management
  • HCMG 3113 – The U.S. Healthcare System 
  • HCMG 3133 – Health Care Finance & Financial Administration
  • HCMG 3143 – Human Resources and Risk in Healthcare
  • HCMG 3153 – Healthcare Facilities Operations 
  • HCMG 3163 – Long Term Care
  • HCMG 4313 – Legal, Social, and Ethical Aspects of Healthcare 
  • HCMG 4323 – Regulation and Accountability in Health Care
  • HCMG 4333 – Marketing Health Care Services
  • HCMG 4403 – Insurance and Managed Care
  • HCMG 4503 – Health Care Policy Making and Resource Allocation
  • HCMG 4603 – Healthcare Management Capstone 
  • HLSC 2033 – Medical Terminology
  • Clinical Director
  • Care Manager
  • Clinical Team Manager
  • Medical Staff Coordinator
  • Patient Care Director
  • Clinical Supervisor
  • Assistant Director
  • Skilled Nursing Facility Administrator

April 2


April 6






Bachelor of Science Health Information Management (B.S.)

Data drives effective decision-making – and it is critical in a changing field like healthcare. The Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management degree is designed to give professionals the knowledge to equip them for a career in the healthcare information field.

This online degree program provides opportunities to examine subjects that will be valued in a healthcare environment, including data analytics, technology, terminology and management strategies. Your professors will expose you to examples from real healthcare settings so you’ll have an advantage of other job applicants.

The Bachelor of Science coursework prepares you to:

  • Utilize best practices in managing healthcare information
  • Be prepared to make decisions based on data and health best practices
  • Understand the influences that affect health care delivery and health information systems
  • Think critically and research thoroughly to offer best solutions
  • Apply professional, ethical and legal standards to a professional healthcare environment

  • HCIT 3203 – Introduction and Technical Aspects of HIM 
  • HCIT 3503 – Principles of Health Information Management 
  • HCIT 3543 – Coding and Classification systems
  • HCIT 3603 – Fundamentals of Health Information Systems 
  • HCIT 4233 – Quality Improvement Regulations & Procedures for HIM
  • HCIT 4553 – Electronic Health Records
  • HCIT 4573 – Systems Analysis and IT use in Health Care Settings
  • HCIT 4613 – Health Care Privacy and Data Security
  • HCIT 4623 – Comparative Record Systems
  • HCIT 4633 – HIM Research and Data Analysis
  • HCIT 4883 – HIM Capstone 
  • HCMG 3013 – Health Care Leadership
  • HCMG 3023 – Health Care Management
  • HCMG 3113 – The U.S. Healthcare System 
  • HCMG 3133 – Health Care Finance & Financial Administration 
  • HCMG 4313 – Legal, Social, and Ethical Aspects of Healthcare
  • HLSC 2033 – Medical Terminology
  • MGMT 4363 – Project Management
  • Electronic Records Manager
  • Healthcare Auditor
  • Healthcare Analyst
  • Compliance Officer

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April 6






Master of Science in Healthcare Administration

Healthcare professionals who want to make the move to administration or enhance their professional profile will be interested in the Master of Science in Healthcare Administration degree. This degree is designed to improve organizational effectiveness and provide graduates with the skills to manage their own health-related business.

The coursework addresses the aging of America’s population. As more individuals live into later years it will require more health care organizations that need highly qualified health care administrators to address increasingly complex regulatory requirements placed on health care providers.

At LeTourneau University, you’ll follow a curriculum designed in collaboration with top-tier healthcare management professionals across multiple disciplines, including CEOs, CFOs, presidents and vice presidents of large healthcare organizations across the country.

Courses are often taken one at a time and last from three to seven weeks. Coursework begins on Monday each week, with most assignments due by Sunday at midnight.

At LeTourneau University, concepts of ethics, integrity and service are interwoven throughout the coursework of each class. Topics covered include health care organization, policy, systems, regulation, finance, administration and leadership.

Integrating faith into class content and discussions encourages students to understand how faith can and should inform their professional decisions and actions.


I started my master’s degree program in healthcare administration right after I graduated with my undergrad. My goal when I entered the program was to graduate within 18 months, which was very doable with the help of my academic advisers and my professors. While working on my graduate degree, I was offered a position with a recognized healthcare organization, where I knew I could count on my professors to help guide me through the interview process and give recommendations based upon my work in the program and within their classes. Although the program is online, I felt as though I had more support from my professors, advisers and alumni I had met than I ever could have imagined.

Being that the program is online, there are more than enough resources to ensure a successful time for each student. Balancing work, school and family were very trying at times, but I was backed by some of the best people I’ve ever met at LETU, and for their support and unwavering dedication to seeing me succeed is something I’m most grateful for. Not only did they help shape and mold me into the career driven individual that I am today, but they also saw me grow in my walk with Christ and showed me how He is moving through me every day. I will forever be grateful for my time at LETU. 

Ashlyn Strength, MHA

UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.


  • HCAD 5201 – Health Care Communication
  • HCAD 5233 – Health Care Finance
  • HCAD 5253 – Economics for Health Care Managers
  • HCAD 5333 – Health Systems Management, Insurance, and Managed Care
  • HCAD 5353 – Health Care Leadership
  • HCAD 5401 – Population Health Management
  • HCAD 5501 – Organizational Behavior and Human Resources
  • HCAD 5513 – Healthcare Law, Policy, and Ethics
  • HCAD 6103 – Health Care Operations Management
  • HCAD 6201 – Health Care Research Methods and Capstone Proposal
  • HCAD 6213 – Health Care Marketing and Strategic Planning
  • HCAD 6301 – Health Care Quality I
  • HCAD 6401 – Health Care Quality II
  • HCIT 6423 – Healthcare Informatics and Data Analytics
  • HCAD 6453 – Health Care Administration Capstone and Defense
  • THEO 5113 – Understanding Christian Vocation


  • Hospital Administrator
  • Skilled Nursing Facility Administrator
  • Health Services Manager
  • Hospital Administration Practice Manager
  • Business Operations Specialist

Feb. 27


Mar. 2









LeTourneau University is named for its founder, R.G. LeTourneau, one of the world’s greatest inventors of earthmoving equipment and was founded in 1946.

Today, more than 1,150 students attend LeTourneau University classes online or at our educational centers in Dallas and Houston and might not step foot onto the university’s beautiful main campus in Longview, Texas unless they come for graduation.

The university has eight schools.

School of Arts & Sciences
School of Aviation & Aeronautical Science
School of Business
School of Education
School of Engineering & Engineering Technology
School of Nursing
School of Psychology & Counseling
School of Theology & Vocation

Currently, LeTourneau University is led by its sixth president, Dr. Dale A. Lunsford, and its board of trustees.

LeTourneau University is an unapologetically Christian university. While it has no direct denominational ties, it welcomes students of all denominations who love and seek after God. It is a place where students have found a deeper relationship with Him, grown in their spiritual walk and discovered God’s purpose for their lives.


LeTourneau faculty have experience in the disciplines they teach, so they can guide students to transform academic theory into key skills that can be applied to today’s job markets. Our faculty are selected on the strength of their credentials, overall experience, commitment to Christian education and willingness to be accessible to students and support the collaborative academic environment important to hands-on learning.

Laura K. Neal, DM

Associate Professor of Healthcare Programs

My goal for students is always the same – gain the knowledge and apply it. Knowledge unused is nice but useless. Once it is learned, it cannot be unlearned but it can be shelved to gather dust. My goal in teaching a course is to provide information to my students in a way that gives them what they need but I also provide practical ways for them to use it. My favorite expression in class is “Who Cares?” I use this as the jump-off point for students to understand that it matters to them in a real-world way and I encourage them to consider how to integrate their Christian principles in the workplace every day.

Career Journey 
For 20 years, I worked in various leadership roles within the healthcare industry. Before joining academia full time, I owned a consulting business, specializing in operational and financial management for physician practices. I have been teaching online for various universities for 10 years as well as ground campuses in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Massachusetts and Texas.


Karen Jacobs, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Business

Karen Jacobs is currently serving as an Associate Professor of Management in the School of Business at LeTourneau University. Her dissertation studied the relationship between effective teaching and servant leadership, with applications for future research to include conducting the study within different educational settings, such as public and for profit universities, which would provide additional information on how servant leadership affects teaching in varied environments.  Her research interests include faith integration, servant leadership, and pedagogy for improving the classroom experience for students. Karen and her husband Wayne have a passion for strengthening marriages through workshops, seminars and couple coaching.



LeTourneau University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award associate, baccalaureate and masters degrees. Contact the Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097, telephone 404-679-4500, at http://www.sacscoc.org for questions about the accreditation of LeTourneau University.